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Satsang in London

Padma will probably be back in England for a weekend of Satsang and/or Enneagram in London towards the end of the summer or autumn of 2009, please check back towards the end of May for the new dates or sign up on our mailing-list to be informed in time.

Please contact:


padma interview

To see and hear Padma in a video-interview that Ralf Marzen conducted in June 2008 during the meetings in London, please go to here-now-tv .

Please click here to watch her introducing “net-answers”: individual video-satsang offered through www.here-now-tv.com , and, of course, to you too, if you would like to use this service to ask your own question this way.

Videos of some of the English Satsang meetings held in London in June 2008 will follow soon.

Also available on the internet tv channel "conscious.tv":

An interview Renate McNay did with Padma in London in April 2009 on "investigating freedom"

… and one Iain McNay conducted on the Enneagram


Flyer about Satsang and Leela Therapy

The translation of more information of this whole website will hopefully be available soon.
For now here is the general flyer on Satsang and Leela Therapy available for



Also for the Silent Retreat on the Danish island of Fanø together with Torsten, we can now offer translation. This retreat will take place again again from September 26th to October 3rd in 2009. To see photos of our last Retreat there, please click here (you can click on each of the photos to enlarge them).

You can also download the flyer of our Fanø Retreat here:

Private sessions and public evenings

Private sessions with Padma by phone or in person can be arranged through phone or e-mail. The regular fee for a Leela Session is 70 Euros. Individual arrangements on a sliding scale are possible.

Of course English speaking participants are also welcome to any of our public evenings.
For the current schedule, please look at the German "


If you would like to know more, if you need a translation of any of the details of this website, or if you would like to reconfirm any of these dates, please feel free to e-mail or call us.
If you would like to be informed of possible changes, please send us your e-mail-address or phone-number to be added to our mailinglist.


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